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Ford Malaysia all Models Malaysia 2020

Ford Malaysia History

The Ford Motor Company is an American automotive manufacturer that was founded by Henry Ford in 1903, making it one of the world’s oldest automakers1979.  Ford Malaysia received permission from the government to run, assemble and sell Ford motor vehicles in Malaysia.

In 1981, a 49 percent stake was sold to Pernas Sime Darby in reaction to the New Economic Policy of Malaysia. Ford has withdrawn operational participation with a needed equity reduction to 30 percent in 1984. Direct involvement started again in 1996, and Ford became a 49 percent shareholder in Ford Malaysia in 2000.

Ford Malaysia 2020

Malaysians have always held the Ford brand to high regard. Either the ’70s and 80’s passenger cars or the more recent Ranger trucks and Escape and Expedition SUVs, Ford has maintained a reputation for producing high-quality, durable, and high-performance automobiles.

Ford dealerships and outlets are situated at strategic locations around the country, including its flagship facility next to the Kuala Lumpur Federal Highway. At the Retail level, all dealerships are converted to this corporate brand and have service facilities and processes that will meet potential technology needs.

Ford Malaysia Price List 2020

Car ModelCar Price (RM)
Ford Everest228,888 - 258,888.00
Ford Kuga164,888.00
Ford Ecosport92,988 - 98,120
Ford Mondeo189,086
Ford Fiesta83,401 - 92,925
Ford Focus118,888 - 139,888
Ford Ranger90,888 - 144,888
2020 Ford Ranger Raptor 208,888
Ford Mustang461,271 - 565,626

The Ford Malaysia team focuses on cost savings and driving change through control in the shop floor and consistency in the process. At the same time, Ford Malaysia is a manufacturer that enhances the quality of life through workforce and community-based initiatives in multiethnic and multicultural Malaysia.

All Ford Models in Malaysia

In Malaysia, Ford is selling around ten vehicles. These include 3 Sedans, 2 Hatchbacks, 2 Pickups, 2 SUVs, 1 Coupe, 1 Crossover, and 1 MPV. Malaysia is expected to see the Mustang 2020 launch early.

Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is the smallest Vehicle the company has produced. The Fiesta is a city car, available in both three and five-door models, designed to be comfortable around the city but still low on gasoline.

Ford Fiesta Malaysia 2020

The Ford Fiesta is available in four trim levels; the Fiesta Ambiente base model comes with a 1.5L four-cylinder gasoline engine Five- transmission (with the option of upgrading to a six- dual- automatic) and 15 “steel wheels, the Fiesta Trend step- comes with alloy wheels and additional fog lamps, the Fiesta Sport features a 1.0L turbocharged petrol engine with a Sony sound system and other premium features, While the Fiesta ST flagship is staking its claim as one of the best value-for-money hot hatches on the market. It only comes in Australia as a three-door model and features a turbocharged 1.6L four-cylinder petrol engine that produces 134kW of power and 240Nm of torque.

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is competing against the likes of the Mazda 3 and the Toyota Corolla in the cut-throat small car market. The Sport model and two performance models, the Focus ST and the Focus RS, are offered as both a five-door hatchback and a four-door sedan in the base trend model and the Titanium edition.

Focus 2020

The Focus is fitted with alloy wheels and a 1.5L turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine generating 132kW of power and 240Nm of torque in the non-performance range. At the same time, the Focus ST features a 2.0L turbocharged petrol engine producing 184kW of power and up to 360Nm of torque during over boost. The hero model, the Ford Focus RS, receives an all-wheel drive and a powerful 2.3L turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine with an output of 257kW and a torque of up to 470Nm.

Ford Mondeo

Mondeo 2020

The mid-size offering by Ford comes in the Ford Mondeo style. The Ford Mondeo comes in three tiers, available as a sedan or wagon; the base Ambiente, the mid-tier Pattern, and the top-tier Titanium. These three versions come with either a 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine (which produces 149kW in the Ambiente base variation but 177kW in the Trend and Titanium models) or a 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine generating 132kW power and 400Nm torque.

Ford Kuga

Kuga 2020

For some time now, the Ford Kuga has been a sales underperformer in the booming medium-sized SUV market — a segment that is now Malaysia’s second favorite after small cars. This may be considered the best-kept secret by optimists. The Ford Kuga is available in a range of models and sizes of body-powered by fuel type(s) of Diesel and PULP. It has an average fuel consumption for SUV / Diesel starting at 5.5L/100 km for the last year the model was made.

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang Malaysia 2020

In 2015, following a decade-long absence, Ford’s performance model, the Ford Mustang, returned to Malaysia. The American-made Ford Mustang, which was sold as both a convertible and a fastback, came to Malaysia with two power plant options. Starting in 2017, customers can choose from the more conventional, natural-aspirated 5.0L V8 engine that produces 306kW and 530Nm, or the 2.3L turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine that also appears in the Ford hot hatch, the Ford Focus RS.

Ford EcoSport

EcoSport 2020

The Ford EcoSport is a compact SUV and is currently the only model assembled in India in Australia’s Ford range. The Ford EcoSport competes in the Australian market with other small SUVs such as the Mazda CX-3 and the Peugeot 2008. The Ford EcoSport is available in four different versions based on the Ford Fiesta platform with two engine options; a naturally aspirated four-cylinder petrol engine 1.5L and a three-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine 1.0L.

Ford Everest

Everest Sport 2020

The Ford Everest is a mid-to-full-size rear-wheel drive (or all-wheel drive) SUV that is based on the same Ford Ranger utility model. The Ford Everest has a 3.2L turbocharged five-cylinder diesel engine throughout the range-the same one found in the Ford Ranger-while there are two extra seats where the Ranger’s tray will be placed.

Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger Malaysia 2020

The Ford Ranger is a four-door utility vehicle and is the best-selling Vehicle for Ford Malaysia. The platform of the Ford Ranger was also used to build the Ford Everest-a seven-seat SUV-and in some versions is using the same 3.2L turbocharged five-cylinder diesel engine. The Ford Ranger comes in several rates, including a single cab 4×2 model, but the most common is the 4×4 dual cab pickup.

Ford Raptor

 Ford Ranger Raptor Malaysia 2020

The iconic block-letter grille, muscular haunches, and frame-mounted bumper from Ranger Raptor make for an intimidating look. LED fog lights with air-curtain ducts improve aerodynamics. The tailgate at the rear features an integrated bumper, a unique tow bar with electrical connectors, and 3D badging. Off-road obstacles do not stand in the way of Ranger Raptor.

The elevated configuration puts 283 mm between the truck and everything that gets in the way. The class-leading 850 mm water wading capability of Ranger Raptor makes river crossings light work, while an elevated trip height gives you a more unobstructed view of the surroundings.