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Are you considering buying a Mercedes Benz in Malaysia? If you’re looking to buy one, instead of leasing, you’ll need to consider something else than how strong, comfortable and quick a Mercedes is. We are sharing the top 7 factors to guide you with your decision.

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7 Factors That Make Mercedes Benz Unique From Others

  • Outstanding Performance

Roadways are yours to ride on the wheel of a Mercedes Benz. All Mercedes Benz sedans, coupes, SUVs and convertibles are fitted with powerful engines-all of which are harnessed by efficient 7- or 9-speed automatic transmissions that reduce noise. The vehicle offers a variety of standard and optional performance features for power and handling that match your driving style.

  • Brilliant styling

The moment you step into any Mercedes-Benz driver’s seat your first impression will be an incredible luxury feel. Though each Mercedes-Benz is truly unique, the brand’s style and elegance are still recognizable. Taut contouring, dramatic air intakes, blinking headlamps and taillights, side mirror-integrated turn signals, and the Mercedes Benz immediately set a star-stamped or classic multi-bar grille apart from the crowd. Any Mercedes-Benz’s exterior can be further enlivened with eye-catching colors, such as Jupiter Red, Diamond Silver, or Lunar Blue

  • Safety

Engineers at Mercedes-Benz have been leading the automotive safety industry for more than six decades, beginning with the introduction of the crumple zone in 1951, the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) in 1978 and resulting in a whole range of proactive and reactive safety systems found on all the Mercedes-Benz models today.

Adopts a holistic approach to safety taking into account not only vehicle survival but also ergonomics, driver behavior, situational awareness and driving climate. Using infrared cameras, lasers, stereoscopic cameras, radar, and powerful mechanical computer control systems, Mercedes-Benz has built a line of luxury cars that offers the ultimate in automotive protection for you and your passengers.

  • Innovative Technology

Introduced innovations years ahead of its time even before the advent of remote launch, mobile integration, etc. The same holds for Mercedes-Benz cars of today. Take for example the E-Class Sedan. The E-Class includes 64-color LED ambient lighting, a 12.3-inch COMAND ® monitor, as arguably the techiest of its kind, Touchpad controller and Car-to-X Connectivity – a revolutionary system for sharing traffic and weather alerts and warnings with E-Class passengers.

  • Exceptional Service

Could you find a company that is as protective of its image as Mercedes-Benz? Brand safety starts with the creation of a superior vehicle, but it is the experience of the dealers that most deeply influences our clients. With that in mind, you will find that every Mercedes-Benz dealer is staffed with supportive, competent professionals including service technicians accredited by the factory. What the consumer hopes. Convenience and superior efficiency are the words of watch for each department at a Mercedes-Benz dealer, from showroom to leasing to service and parts finance.

you’ve witnessed the care you’ll get at a Mercedes-Benz dealer your car dealer concept will change.

  • Unlimited-mileage warranty

On almost a century of precision engineering and creativity in health, today’s Mercedes-Benz vehicles come at a premium. Thankfully, you can get into an iconic car at a more affordable price point through the Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-owned (CPO) program. In addition to a more affordable price tag, each Mercedes-Benz CPO is paired with industry-leading coverage: an unlimited mileage warranty for up to 5 years, among other benefits that only Approved Mercedes-Benz dealers give.

  • World-Class Selection

Drivers have different tastes and needs. Mercedes-Benz recognizes this and has developed a line of cars that will certainly suit the taste of any discerning driver. Including the latest competitively priced CLA luxury sedan family to the flagship (and luxury sedan benchmark) S Class and all in between including an SUV, sports cars and even a station wagon. With several trimmings for each model and a detailed list of choices, you can customize your Mercedes-Benz to suit your specific needs.

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Mercedes Benz Malaysia dealership offers a wide range of all Mercedes-Benz models including the C250, E350, S550, CLA250, GL350, ML350, and SL550. Visit any Mercedes Benz Malaysia dealership to test drive the next luxury sedan, coupe, convertible, or SUV.