Lexus Malaysia – Price, Specs, Performance and Reviews

Lexus Malaysia

Lexus is synonymous with supreme performance. The Lexus cars have been a firm favourite among automotive journalists and car lovers for their powerful driving dynamics, long-endurance, stylish looks and refined performance. Lexus, a brand of Lexus Holding Company is now a part of Nissan Motors India. The company plans to make headway in the luxury segment by launching the Lexus C Premium models this coming spring. Lexus, one of the three leading Japanese luxury brands is all set to enter the North American segment as soon as the New Delhi Auto Show kicks off.

Lexus Malaysia is one of the luxury models in the segment. The Lexus is first all-wheel-drive model is the RC F which is priced at RHD 8500. The Lexus S series offers a choice between coupe and sedan versions. At the top of the range is the Lexus Grand Marquis, which costs RHD 12500. All these Lexus cars are derived from the same body structure and engines as the global flagship model.

Lexus Cars Price in Malaysia

Lexus has kept the entry price of its high-end cars quite low despite offering state of the art performance and unmatched features. The Lexus Malaysia is priced competently in the mid-range and also offers great value for money. The Lexus C Premium sports models are set to launch in the second half of this year, so keep an eye on online resources for details. The Lexus C continues to feature the traditional two-door hatch, with an automatic up and down function and a multiple seating capacity of five. In addition to this, the sporty Lexus C remains true to its roots and offers standard All-Weather tyres.

A Lexus C was also launched in Australia in October, so lookout for a similar model in that country early next year. It is expected to sport a larger front air dam and revised side air vents to improve fuel economy. Other highlights include a revised design concept that makes the C more versatile and roomier at the entry-level. The base and interest rate offered on the C is unchanged, but other models such as the C 200, C 300, C 40 and C 45 are now available.

Lexus Upcoming Cars in Malaysia

Lexus is yet to release its luxury-brand SUV, so the first release candidate is the redesigned Lexus IS 250. Details are scarce, but a teaser image was released in April. Expect to see more refined vehicles in the near future. Lexus is also set to release its hybrid version of its small vehicle. The new model is set to join the current top of the range offerings and is expected to carry over features like the C-type engine, which produces more power and a greater energy-efficient hybrid drive system.

Lexus is yet to release its first hybrid vehicle, so don’t expect too much before then. However, it appears the company is still a long way off from bringing out its all-electric vehicle (A modern-day hybrid vehicle). Lexus Malaysia has also started selling its second-hand cars. It has introduced a ‘handyman’ Lexus C Lexus RC which is targeted at the market for people who want to restore or maintain a classic car.

A recent news article in the UK claims that Lexus is considering selling its entire range of cars in India. This would make sense, as the company currently manufactures its high-performance vehicles in India under the Lexus brand name. The firm is rumoured to be working on a new range of C-series vehicles to take on the mid-sized and small-sized cars segment. The company is also rumoured to be working on an all-new flagship vehicle that will replace the ageing L series models which are due to retire in the next few years.

Lexus is currently the third most popular car brand in the UK after Ford and Toyota. The company has a significant presence in the automotive market in the Middle East but is yet to have any major presence in other parts of the world. Reports in India state that the company has signed an agreement with UAE based automaker Curacao for the supply of luxury Lexus sedans. The news will no doubt increase demand for the range of Lexus vehicles which currently enjoy the highest loyalty rate by customers.