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Honda is a well-established Japanese car brand. Focusing on innovation and quality, Honda has built a strong reputation across the globe particularly in Malaysia, the United States, and the UK  for reliability. Honda is building a small but sensible range of models focused on the family car market. Its most popular models are the Jazz small car which is well-liked in Malaysia, the Honda Civic medium-sized hatchback and Tourer estate, and the CR-V SUV 4×4 crossover.Honda SUV Malaysia

Another Jazz-based SUV crossover, the HR-V, is another model that makes an inroad into a competitive market. Honda also had experience with hybrid technology, such as the Insight and Jazz Hybrid. More recently, Honda has produced a hybrid version of the Honda CRV.

Here are the 8 Reasons You Should Buy a Honda

  •  Winning Business Award

Winning Business Award. The Honda Motor Corporation has won more Awards for Car and Driver Top Manufacturer than any other brand in Malaysia. They won this distinction 80 times, which is the second place standing of 38 for even more than Toyota. Multiple times the Civic, Built, and Accord made the list of “10 Best Vehicles.” In fact, this status has been reached by the agreement amazingly 27 times! in addition, the Odyssey and the Pilot were seven and six times on the “Ten Best Vehicle” list respectively. Aside from Car and Driver, the award list for Honda is also lengthy, including titles such as the “Best Buy Award,” “Greenest Automaker,” “Best Overall Non-Luxury Brand” and “Top Safety Select.”

  • Eco-Friendly

Honda has been honored for making America’s Greenest Vehicles for over 15 years and has received several awards for its contribution to environmental conservation. The corporation is now working to ensure that manufacturing facilities are as environmentally friendly as those vehicles.

  • Resale Value 

Honda is one of the best for maintaining its value, as far as used vehicles go. Several models have regularly won both the ALG Residual Value and the Kelley Blue Book Best Resale Value Awards including the Suit, Civic, Alliance, and CR-V.

  • Reliability 

Honda stands for consistency and dependability. They also received the “Most Trusted Brand” Award and customer reviews are consistently rated for reliability and workmanship by several brands at the top of the list. Crosstour 2010 won the J.D. The Power Award for automotive reliability, and a consumer survey rated the supplier number one with eight years of reliability going. Hondas are made to last, and the fact that so many are available on the used car market is a testimony to the fact that this company manufactures quality vehicles continuously.

  • Fuel-Saver

Honda is certainly a pioneer in the sector when it comes to creating fuel-efficient vehicles. There are many models on the highway that earn 30 + MPG and the Honda brand claims an average of over 25 MPG for off-road or city driving. Honda also has a wide range of hybrid models to choose from, for even better fuel economy.

  • Economical 

Honda provides superior quality at a fair price, at least in comparison with other vehicles of the same size. From the Fit to the S2000, Honda aims to manufacture vehicles that match or surpass its rivals, while keeping the price within a range that the average family can afford. Most models also cost less to maintain and fix, which makes buying a Honda even more enticing.

  • Design

Although the strong emphasis of Honda is on safety and technology, the value of added luxuries and aesthetic appeal has not been overlooked. The new and futuristic designs produce ever-present models that can compete with other luxury higher-end cars. Their larger models are more lightweight–rather than wide and cumbersome–for better handling and maneuverability but still compete for a quality ride and feel with these expensive brands. And, of course, some of the lower-priced versions could be packed with fun bells and whistles so you can really enjoy the driving experience even though you’re on a tighter budget.

  • High Customer Satisfaction

Honda has earned many Polk Loyalty Awards, particularly in the categories Compact Car (Civic) and Compact SUV (CR-). The company has the highest customer satisfaction of any brand according to estimates, which indicates that Honda owners are very satisfied with their cars. A company’s true success is measured by the number of happy customers and Honda has shown that they know how to create what people want.Honda civic Malaysia 2020

Buying a Honda in Malaysia maybe your best option if you are looking for an old or new car. The efficiency and high resale value mean that your investment will certainly be of good benefit to you. You will get years of driving pleasure and reliable service from your car, whatever model you select.

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